New Certified Program: Gururevenue
Welcome to Gure Revenue, the latest addition to our list of recommended casino affiliate programs.
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Scratch Card Affiliate Program
Scatch Games offer a good opportunity for casino webmasters  to increase their earnings. NeoGames Partners has created two individual scratch card brands that you can easily promote to increase traffic and at the end of the day, conversions.
Becoming an online poker affiliate
There's no doubt that online casino marketing is a very competitive market.  Being a casino affiliate is a very lucrative job, however that just means the competition is higher, and every niche is oversatured.  Sites dedicated to specific casinos?  They're out there.  Portals dedicated to specific games like craps, blackjack and video poker?  Thousands of them.  Thinking of starting a casino bonus site?  Have fun trying to find a domain name, with hundreds of these sites popping up every week.

Yet despite the oversaturation, more and more people are becoming casino affiliates.  Lately there has been a big surge from poker affiliates, taking their expertise from promoting poker into the online casino world, hoping to catch those lucrative whales that are searching google every day for a good casino bonus.

So why not switch it up?  There's no rule that casino affiliates can't jump into other aspects of gambling, specifically online poker.  While it may not be as lucrative as casinos, it can be a very steady income.  Had a whale that was making you in excess of $10,000 a month, who promptly disappears?  Saw a five figure month disappear in the last few days thanks to a player going on a winning streak?

We've all been there.  That's why, although just as competitive as casinos, you should look into becoming an online poker affiliate.  While you don't get whales every month, and a balance going from $0 to $5,000 overnight, you do get a nice, steady income, that grows with time.  With a lot less poker rooms for the player to choose from, all congested on just a few networks, the poker affiliate programs will bend over backwards to get you to promote their poker room, allowing a lot higher commissions.

Your potential income can also be in your own hands too.  Ever ran a Blackjack strategy site?  You're running a site that is the complete opposite of your goal - to have those players lose all their money.  Yet with online poker, if you run a poker strategy website, you're actually increasing the chances of you making money.  The better the poker player, the more they play, the higher they play, the more rake the poker room takes, and the more they make.

So start promoting poker rooms today, and get in there before the next Chris Moneymaker wins the WSOP and increases poker revenue tenfold.

Below you can see our selection of the six best casino affiliate programs in the industry.

In order to be selected as a Premium Program, a program has to convert much better for webmasters than the average program. Moreover, it must have a clean history of fairness towards affiliates.