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Internet Gambling Gains Momentum in Canada
May 05,  2010
No topic is hotter in Canada this moment than that of online gambling. Across the nation, more and more calls are being heard to legalize and regulate this industry so that the millions that are lost each year to offshore operators are brought back to local coffers.  

It is believed that Canadians spend over $1 billion a year gambling online, the vast majority at sites operated by foreign groups. Provinces such as Quebec and British Columbia have been working quietly behind the scenes to formulate a framework that will see online gambling be legalized through government controlled lottery groups, with the intention of creating a single platform across provinces. The step is logical in that it will see a larger, shared player pool that will stimulate competition, drive revenue and eventually see local provinces benefit from the income. 

Several provinces believe that their platform will be ready by the end of this year, while others such as Manitoba, who are slightly further behind with their plans, will see online gambling a reality within 18 months. 
At the recent Canadian Gaming Summit, particular attention was given to online gambling in the form of poker, casino games and sports betting. Issues such as responsible gambling and underage protection were also discussed. 

The Gobal iGaming Summit and Expo in Montreal also had provincial lotteries roll out their plans for the shared online gambling platform. 

With so much activity, and with online gambling so much in the news recently, it is not unrealistic to expect Canada to introduce a viable and regulated industry before the United States which remains in its dithering mindset.

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