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UK Gambling Proves More Popular Than Facebook
September 22, 2010
A reputable research group shows that internet gambling is more popular than social networking groups such as Facebook in the United Kingdom.
The latest report issued by the research group, Nielsen, shows an interesting picture of the online gambling scene in the United Kingdom. According to the report, there has been a huge 40% increase in online gambling in the UK over the last year.
The Herald Sun reported on the research results and wrote: “An additional 3.2 million people logged on to gambling websites last year, compared with only 2.2 million more who accessed social networking sites such as Facebook and its near-rivals.”
The demographics of the typical UK online gambler were also interesting to note, as reported by the Nielsen group, as follows:
-   Half of the country’s online gamblers earn more than £30,000 a year.
-   46% of internet gamblers are women.
-   Older players don’t dominate the online gambling scene as they do the country’s land      based casino industry.
The Herald went on to say that “the over-65’s and those on lower household incomes have historically been heavy users of gambling sites, but in the face of the recession this profile has changed.”

The author of the article said that while the incredible growth of internet gambling sites over the past couple of years has been driven by men and women of all ages, “it appears to be powered especially by middle-aged men, the well-educated and high-earning households.”

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